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Roland - Processors for Guitars

The Roland Group is engaged in two major categories of business: electronic musical instruments and computer-related peripherals centered on large-format color printers.

Multi Effects

V-Guitar/V-Bass Systems

Tc Electronic - Processors for Guitars

TC Electronic company is not only a leader in digital signal processing, but also a major player in other aspects of the digital audio technology world, such as digital amplification and networking.

Guitar Processors

Bass Processors

Zoom - Processors for Guitars

ZOOM has built up a huge fan base among both amateur and professional musicians and engineers for its large collection of attractive sound gear concentrating on its advanced, high cost performance effect processors.

Guitar Processors

Bass Processors
Other products:
G1/G1X, G2, G2.1u, G7.1ut, G9.2tt
Other products:
B1/B1X, B2, B2.1u, B9.1ut

Digitech - Processors for Guitars

Digitech's passion for sound drives us to create the world's most innovative multi-effects products and stompboxes for musicians at every level of skill—from garage-rockers to stadium-rocking pros.

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